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Webinar - Why you need to create an IT Strategy 2.0 for uncertain economic times

Join two industry thought leaders -- Ron Raumer and Hamid Nouri of Nouri Associates -- on the subject of IT Strategic Planning to explore the elements of a successful IT Strategy which includes Web 2.0 technologies.

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 IT Strategic Planning Overview
A  description of  what is meant by IT strategic planning, why it is important and a three step approach for developing one. By Ronald J. Raumer.

IT Strategy in Uncertain Times
This article describes why an IT strategy can be even more valuable in times of uncertainty.
By Ronald J. Raumer.
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Aligning IT with the Business
This presentation answers three key questions about alignment: What does alignment mean?  Why is it important? And how do you establish and maintain it? Society of Information Management Presentation, Paul Osborn
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A Framework for Strategic Innovation - From Breakthrough Innovation to Business Impact
Whether your organization seeks to grow revenues by developing breakthrough, customer-inspired new products, reinventing its business model, seeking out new markets or optimizing inadequate business practices, this Strategic Innovation White Paper describes a non-traditional methodology that enables an organization to identify significant growth opportunities, accelerate business decisions and create near term measurable impact within the context of a longer-term vision for sustainable competitive advantage. 
White Paper. By Derrick Palmer of InnovationPoint
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Strategic Planning for Technology Investments
A well-conceived IT strategic plan can help governments make the most of their technology investments. This article describes the factors to be considered in developing such a plan. Government Finance Officers Association, Magazine Article, Ronald J. Raumer
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